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                       September 23 – 25, 2021 
            Major Member Event Chesterfield, MO 

If you have not signed up for your motel room get with it as there are only 5 room remaining.

After August 20 the motel rooms revert to their normal billing rate, so don't be late..

If you want to attend and are not currently a member go to the Membership Tab on this site and complete the “Membership” form.  Your membership will be confirmed upon receipt of the membership annual dues ($39.50) and you will be notified and sent the Registration Form.

For Current Members that wish to expediate your “Registration”, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the registration form will be sent to you via email for completion.  Your Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of the fees you sign up for and you will be notified.

September 23 5:00 – 8:00 PM will be a meet, greet and cook-out at the motel.
Motel rate is $99.00 plus tax per night. 
September 24 and 25 will be presentations and demonstrations. 
Base Registration Fees will cover the snacks during presentations, hand-out materials and a ticket for the drawing of a fitted TC car cover. 
Total Registration Fees will be based on your selections of meals you wish to partake in and the base registration fee. 
A group dinner will be on September 24 with salad, chicken, crab, filet medallions and vegetables.

If you desire parts, please place your order on the registration form one month in advance of the meet.  Shipping has become very expensive, so ordering for delivery at the meet can avoid that added cost to the part(s).  Access to parts can be a 200-mile one way drive and does not occur during the work week. 

Presentations and demonstrations will be on replacing the accumulator, front struts, restoring the port hole window, pull down repair, windshield wiper bushing replacement, Teves brakes, odometer repair, rear caliper restoration and discussions and demos on other subjects.